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Music has been in my blood since I was a middle schooler in Indonesia. My family had moved there for a couple of years for my father’s job and I got pretty sick.  During my two months of bedrest I did nothing but karaoke and watch Mariah Carey concerts.   I watched her sing “Hero” and how she really gave it her all.  She talked about the road being hard along the way, but there is hope. (Mind you, I was only a seventh grader and who knows how much  hardship I actually knew.)  I watched the crowd really connecting with her. I knew I wanted to do that.   Not that I necessarily could sing well at the time -  but it didn't stop me!  

I started writing songs as a way to process what was going on in my life. I wrote songs in times of heartbreak...  in times I realized I didn't have the strength to do what I needed to do... in times when I saw my pride and my ability to hurt others --- as well as times when I felt hope and saw healing.  I wanted to share all of it!
Fast forward a few years- I sang wherever I could. My desire and drive to connect with all sorts of audiences took me on the road.  I somehow managed to talk my sisters and friends into traveling with me for the summer vacations to different churches and venues to play shows.  Every person I met that heard my songs and said, “Me too!” or “I’ve been there too!” just motivated me more.  I knew this was something I needed to do.  For me, but also for every person who listens.

It by no means has been an easy journey.  There have been plenty of times things didn’t turn out how I planned (my car broken down on the side of the road with not a single dollar to fix the broken engine) and I wondered if there was anyone listening. Or  times I showed up to a show and thought  “Is this going to make a difference to anyone?”
But whether it’s a church basement with 10 people, or a concert of 3000 or a person listening by themselves on their computer - I know it’s worth it.  Every letter I get  sharing how someone going through a rough time was encouraged while listening to my music reminds me it’s worth it.  




Thank you for being a part of this story and letting me be a part of yours. I would love to hear what you think of my songs.